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Amazon vs Flipkart India - eblogspot

Amazon Vs Flipkart The history

Nilotpal Baruah for Forbes India Amazons pursuit for the top slot in e-commerce is turning out to be a pricey affair. The Seattle Launched losses from operations that were international ballooned around 34 times on the rear of a land catch with homegrown Flipkart mostly between 2017 and 2015. If business analysts are to be considered, Flipkart has raced before Amazon India, although both firms have claimed to outperform one another. Amazons sales are said to be approximately 1520% less than Flipkarts run rate of about $7 billion. After losing out to its subsidiaries and etailer Alibaba in China amazon entered India in 2013.

The drubbing in China, particularly after it was listed as a vendor on Alibaba made it critical for the company. It spent a quiet 1st equaling roughly 732 crore Amazon Seller Services, to its market subsidiary, until December 2014. Then it upped the ante. Amazon Seller Services received 5, 289 crore in 2015, 5, 340 crore the year after and 6, 200 crore last year. Since last year’s middle, Flipkart, under executive Kalyan Krishnamurthy, has bounced back. Equipped with a $100 billion Vision Fund, its portfolios encourage to gain market share, even when it entails spending. Amazon has no choice, but to match such spends.

Ecommerce in India is small as a proportion of retail. Number 1 or 2 does not make a difference now. The entire ecommerce economy will become $100 billion in a couple of years. When that occurs, Amazon it must have a significant share, even when it isn’t No 1, says Anil Kumar, managing director of ecommerce focused consulting firm RedSeer. Amazon definitely shows no signs of balking. The company claims its yearly subscription service Prime, that offers subscribers special discount rates and offers, apart from fast shipments without extra charges and access to its over the best platform Prime Videos, is selling like hot cakes.

Amazon is popular among high income groups at big cities. Customers who’re looking at a better experience regarding client care and product portfolio are exploring Amazon. Which should be a worry for Flipkart, adds Kumar. (This story appears in the March 2, 2018 issue of Forbes India). 

Amazon vs Flipkart - My experience

Amazon Vs Flipkart which is best to choose as best e-commerce site to buy your desired products. Both Amazon and Flipkart have vast product categories but when it comes to prices amazon takes it all cheaper prices and attractive deals makes it the best to choose. Talking about services both are good flipkart have its own delivery chain and now amazon started the same and invited people to deliver their products and earn money as part time job. As per my experience both are good as per services.

Amazon Vs Flipkart - Affiliate Program

Amazon Vs Flipkart affiliate programme are available from which a decent amount of earning can be made by marketing there products through affiliate links. Visit to know about amazon affiliate/ associate programme and for flipkart visit to join and know more about these program.

In my view both are good and hope this will help you make your mind to choose one in Amazon Vs Flipkart. And how is your experience please share in comments. 

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