Coronavirus: How reusing face masks can be riskier than not using one, finds study | The Times of India

Having a couple of masks with you is a good way to safeguard your health. The following indicators can help you decide when it would be the best, and safest to dispose off the reusable mask and put on a new one:

-If you have to keep touching and readjusting your mask to fully cover your mask and nose. A snugly fitted mask should leave no gaps or require a little adjustment.

-Check on the ties and elastic loops on your mask. If the band loosens or falls off repeatedly, it can be yet another sign of the mask not fitting you well any longer. It could also be a sign that the fabric has started to degrade.

-If the fabric seems porous, or light and thin after repeated washes.

-If you observe any kind of holes or rips on your mask. This is one of the most alarming mistakes that could be bad for you. Swap out your mask immediately, no matter how tiny or big the hole is.

Most of all, if you want to be safe and doubt if the mask makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, swap it out for a new one.

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